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HCG CCK takes pride in the fact that it has made quality healthcare accessible to patients across the world.
Our medical staff provides holistic care, by teaming up across disciplines, to diagnose and develop treatment plans for each patient. They work with the utmost passion, commitment, and rigor, to ensure the fulfilment of HCG CCK’s philosophy, established by our Chairman & CEO, Dr. B. S. Ajaikumar and our Director Dr. N Adamali
While clinical excellence has been the hallmark of what HCG CCK stands for, the organization is also committed to developing the talent and skills of our medical practitioners and support staff, in-house, through an array of fellowship and training courses, covering technical fields within medical practice, patient satisfaction and care delivery, and professional development. Our integrated learning programs create countless opportunities for all team members to build successful, rewarding careers.
At HCG CCK, our people engagement initiatives are collaborative and we take pride in working as a team, to obtain greater results, recognition, and rewards. Our Human Resources initiatives focus on innovation, growth, entrepreneurial thinking, and social initiatives. These efforts have been acknowledged by the medical community, in part through the awards we have won, including 'The Best Place to Work' by Hosmac & Sullivan, 'Golden Peacock Award for Innovation', and 'Best Health Care Group' by BMA. These awards are a testament to our people practices and initiatives that focus on fostering career growth, learning prospects, equal opportunity, and freedom of expression.
If you are committed to patient care and desire a fulfilling career, please come and join our family, the HCG CCK family!
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