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Radiation Therapies uses high energy particles or waves (like x-rays, gamma rays, electron beam, photon beam, etc.,) to damage or destroy cancer cells. Radiation Therapies are used along with chemotherapy and surgery in the treatment of cancer. It is a unique blend of state-of-art-technology and expert care by a multi-disciplinary radiation therapy team. Radiation therapies are painless and are aimed at destroying cancer cells in a specific area. It can either come from a high energy x-ray machine (external radiation) or from a small source of radioactive isotope placed close to or on the tumour (brachytherapy) At the HCG CCK Cancer Centre, our specialists are experienced in diagnosing and treating all types of cancers with the latest technology and the most innovative, advanced therapies to increase the chances of cure. Radiation Oncology is capable of IMRT-based treatments using high-energy electrons and photons using MLC technology to deliver precise radiation treatments.
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